Manthan Awards 2013 for ThalCare under e-Health Category

It is a proud moment for both Sankalp India Foundation, an NGO and Jagriti Innovations. ThalCare, a tool for management of Thalassemia was envisioned to remove the hassles of managing the protocols related to thalassemia, patient history and timely intervention at an affordable cost. The tool is already deployed in two esteemed institutions in Bangalore: Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, premier organization promoting tertiary level Child Health Care services in Bangalore and Rashtrotthana Parishat, Bangalore managing over 200 thalassemia patients each.

The tool Thalcare has been adjudged "WINNER of Manthan Award Asia Pacific - 2013" under e-Health category.


About Manthan Awards:

Manthan Award is a first of its kind initiative in India to recognize the best practices in e-Content and Creativity. It was launched on 10th October '2004, by Digital Empowerment Foundation in partnership with World Summit Award, Department of Information Technology, Govt. of India, and various other stakeholders like civil society members, media and other similar organisations engaged in promoting digital content inclusiveness in the whole of South Asian & Asia Pacific nation states for development.

The core objective of the Manthan Award process is: making visible the contents that already exist and thus demonstrating the richness and diversity of content creativity to those interested in understanding and planning an Information Society.

The Manthan Award wants to demonstrate to every stakeholder the existing range of creativity and excellence in the use of the ICT tools and communication networks. It seeks to substantiate the conviction that access to networks and ICT platforms is beneficial to the high quality and value of e-contents which are produced and available. It attempts to consider that quality contents, their production and economic sustainability are fundamental requirements which require changes to the way markets operate and governments act.


About ThalCare:

ThalCare is a web based application which aims at affordable and reliable care locally to individuals suffering from thalassemia. Thalcare manages vast amount of medical information and lab reports has ThalSense - an intelligence engine which processes the data to generate alerts, suggestions and indications for proper management of disease as per international guidelines for the local doctors.

The application aims at making available affordable and reliable care locally to individuals suffer-ing from thalassemia by making use of technology and management. It lays emphasis on 4 major factors:

  • Management of Thalassemia
  • Prevention of Thalassemiac
  • Exploring Possibilities of Complete Cure and preparing patients for the same
  • Counselling and other non-medical support for families



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