Case Study

Sankalp India Foundation - Case Study

Sankalp India Foundation felt the need for elaborate IT infrastructure to assist them to reach out to a larger audience, set up funding and enable centralized management and tracking of projects. They contacted Jagriti Innovations for managing their IT backplane. Over the years, Jagriti Innovations has been closely working with Sankalp India Foundation in shaping the right IT tools.

BMTPlus - Information Management Solution for Bone Marrow Transplant

BMTPlus is the first dedicated software platform for complete management of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. It is particularly designed for both start up and established transplant centers participating in network collaborations and willing to implement quality assurance programs according to FACT/JACIE standards.

ThalCare - Thalassemia Management System : A Case Study

ThalCare is world’s first web application for comprehensive thalassemia management. It enables world class, affordable and accessible protocol driven thalassemia care locally even in limited resource settings.

ThalCare is a powerful thalassemia management tool which makes the job of managing patients with thalassemia extremely simple and effective for institutions delivering this healthcare. This tool is typically deployed at a day care center where the patients are coming for transfusion. It is single point of storage of all information related to these patients and generates automatic alerts, reports and indicators on the progress and treatment of each patient and the centre as a whole.