Effective Program Management - Key to Successful Adoption of IT

Traditionally, most blood banks and hospitals have paper-based/manual systems which the staff (employees/doctors/nurses) are accustomed to. When the management decides to automate or go digital, they look for an IT software solution. Often institutions procure a ready-made IT solution from the market and look to adapt the solution to their processes.

The adoption of automation fails mostly due to the following reasons

  • Alignment with processes

    The processes adopted by the staff and internal processes followed in the institution may not align with the processes mandated by the adopted IT solution.
  • Complicated feature sets

    Standard IT solutions sometimes come with too less or too many features. Many features available in the software solution may not be required and thus creates confusion and adoption issues.
  • Steep learning curve

    The staff may be required to spend more time understanding the IT Solution and adjust their processes to suit the IT solution. This can cause uncertainties and miscommunication.
  • Missing Program Management and Change Management

    Standard IT Solutions are priced very aggressively but offer minimal support for adoption. Most companies do not provide support for seamless adoption. Program management and Change management are essential for the IT Solution to be effective.
  • Inflexible designs

    Most standard IT Solutions solutions are not open to changes required by the institution.
Jagriti InnoHealth Platforms provides customised software solution based on client needs and also provides support with program management for effective adoption of the IT Solution.

We recently had a great experience with one of our clients in Hyderabad using our blood bank management system. During the installation we had our technical support team train the doctors, nurses, receptionist, and technicians post which the blood bank started using the product. However as they started to use the product several adoption issues came up as their internal processes were different to the way software was designed.

In order to ensure 100% adoption of the software system, we started to have regular weekly meetings with customers to understand their problems. Every week we identified 2 to 3 critical issues the blood bank staff were facing. The IT solution team helped the staff understand the process to follow as well as made tweaks in the system to customize the solution as per their needs. In about five weeks of meetings, all issues were resolved and the software solution was customised to adapt to the processes of the blood bank.

From the above experience it is important that organisations procure software solutions which can be customised and invest in program management for effective adoption.

"I would like to thank Jagriti InnoHealth support team for the excellent customer support provided during the adoption of the new blood bank information system. We have been able to successfully move from manual-based systems to automated systems which has resulted in greater efficiency and minimal errors at our blood bank. Thank you for your continuous commitment and support." - Dr Suman Jain