Labournet Intranet Site

LabourNet is a social enterprise that creates sustainable livelihood for workers in the informal sector by offering them a platform for banking, insurance and training services. Jagriti has developed the platform which takes care of the enrolment and management of all the participants and beneficiaries. The system enables efficient capturing of information, powerful reporting and back-end management of processes.

The main features of this platform include:

Rashtrotthana Blood Bank

Rashtrotthana Blood Bank is the one of the leading blood banks in Bangalore, India. The software was created with a purpose of replacing all of paperwork done at the Blood Bank. All aspects of blood banking, be it donor record management, component management, crossmatching, blood issue, billing and inventory, all is completely managed by the software. The system boasts in variety and number of reports made available for analysis, legal documentation and insight.


Ramaiah College of Law Software System

Most of the software systems installed in the educational institutions are pre-built and it requires learning of the software to be able to use it effectively. The software that we design is built on the working methodology for each institution. It is designed to mimic the working of the institution. Hence we become successful in producing a solution that provides a 100% automation alternative. Every single form and report is fine tuned and customized to reflect the working of the institution, giving them the results they seek.