Cure2Children BMT Management System

Cure2Children Bone Marrow Management System is an internal system of Cure2Children, an organization which works for getting an affordable and reliable cure for children suffering from leukemia, cancer, thalassemia, or sickle cell disease. The features of the platform include:

  • Various centres as groups across 10 locations around the globe
  • About 2000 patients for which cure, treatment and follow up is recorded
  • Survival Curve and Growth Charts for indicator on health status
  • Advanced Ticketing system for issue and response
  • Inventory Control
  • Doctors, Nurses, Center incharges and various roles with different responsibilities and permissions
  • Flags for indicating patient status and criticality
  • Periodic mails on important patient status
  • Complete hosting and maintainence
  • Rules and custom modules for specialized functionalities

Team Jagriti is happy to be part of this initiative.