Labournet Intranet Site

LabourNet is a social enterprise that creates sustainable livelihood for workers in the informal sector by offering them a platform for banking, insurance and training services. Jagriti has developed the platform which takes care of the enrolment and management of all the participants and beneficiaries. The system enables efficient capturing of information, powerful reporting and back-end management of processes.

The main features of this platform include:

  • Powerful data entry interface enabling capturing of detailed information relating to various services which are offered.
  • Automatic ID Card generation
  • Reporting on Data Entry Operators
  • Export/Import of large data sets from csv/xls/txt files.
  • Synchronised operations through multiple locations
  • Server Management and Maintenance


  • The computerisation of thousands of forms was pending got updated onto the system at vastly improved speeds.
  • The data entry operators worked much more efficiently.
  • ID Card generation which earlier took months starting coming through very quickly.
  • The system which failed every now and then earlier has been up and running since months