Application Development

We build Web Sites using Drupal We build end to end systems - Managing the entire development and designing of the system to maintaining the technology back-plane to accommodate changes and technology up-gradation. Our websites are extremely customizable. You would be able to update and maintain your content on the go without having to worry about the intricacies of web programming. Exploiting the power of Drupal we build systems which will allow you to get what you want over a shorter period of time. This gives you cost advantage, lesser maintenance and relevance in your web presence.

Corporate and Brochure Sites

We help you present yourself to the world through websites which truly reflect your organization. We help you bring your brand with high quality designs and attractive content layouts. We pack your website with the power of rich media, social integration and search engine optimization (SEO). We build sites that are scalable and which can be developed incrementally keeping pace with the need of your organization.

Community Driven Sites

Do you seek to build a community around your company, organizations, cause, product or group? We build community driven applications which incorporate in them the latest and most popular strategies for engagement. Be it forums, blogs, social networking integration, social apps, newsletters, events or groups; our website helps you engage your users effectively in building powerful communities.
While individual tools on the web might go through their life cycles, the community driven platforms designed by us will continue to adapt and keep up-to-date with the latest and best relevant innovations. Collaborative work flows, content moderation, security and spam control are the foundation technical aspects of a community driven website. We take care of all the major common concerns that your and your community might have, leaving you free to focus more on building stronger and engaging communities.
The first community based platform we built was on 17 February 2006 – It has undergone 3 generation changes of the platform and numerous changes on the technology front – all without a single day of downtime.

Customized Applications and Intranet

Each organisation has it’s processes defined over a period of time. The processes suit the people in various roles. They are time tested and known to perform. Then there are inefficiencies in the system. Small gaps here and there which need fixing. Since the potential of software to transform businesses and processes has been recognized, people have been trying to find software off the shelf to suit their needs.The problem however, comes at the adoption stage.
The software has it’s own way of working. The organisation has it’s own. The tussle between the two often results in a fallout. Thousands of dollars worth of software stays under utilized and wasted. The automation dream becomes a nightmare.
We specialize in implementing complete organizational automation using Drupal. We don't build one tool and pass it on to multiple clients expecting them to adapt it. We don't sell software that the client needs to adapt to. We build software that adapts to the client. Our software is custom made and highly configured. We take your processes, add automation to it and produce systems which only add to the strengths of your business.
With intuitive interfaces, small learning curves, powerful migration strategies from older system to Drupal and very effective support system, we love to deliver quality, efficiency and productivity.


The world of e-Commerce is becoming more competitive by the day. The customers are demanding more and the need is to provide platforms which give a holistic shopping experience with ease and finesse. The margin are razor thin. We build e-commerce systems that allow you to incorporate every single flexibility in user experience. The strength of our e-commerce systems comes from the degree of customizations you get to suit your particular needs.
Our platforms are designed with powerful administrative interfaces which allow you to easily manage your e-store. The powerful back-end ensures lesser number of individuals are required to handle the operations thus saving upon costs. With high degree of customer focus, our platforms exploit web, mails interfaces and sms gateways to keep your customers timely informed over the order processing.

Mobile Applications

Internet enabled devices have reached the grass roots of the community. Right across the spectrum people are choosing to browse and get engaged using their person mobile devices. It is important for web portals and applications to work as seamlessly with mobile devices as with the desktops/laptops.
We build responsive web applications. The layout and the presentation of the application changes and adapts to the device that you are using. This technology brings all the power and advantage of modern applications right into your pocket.