Markets are changing. With internet enabled devices reaching far and wide, switch from traditional to on-line banking and with people trying to find instant options on the click more often then walking through crowded streets to find what they want - e-Commerce is the future. It's time for all businesses to get started with marketing and selling their products and services on-line. With demanding and aware customers gone are the days when template on-line stores which are more-or-less static in the way they present the user with choices. Web stores today are dynamic, customised and user centric. Jagriti creates and manages them for you.

We offer turnkey solution to all your e-commerce needs

  • Attractive theming and designing
  • Multitude of payment options and gateway integration
  • Security and spam prevention
  • Customer centric user interface
  • Powerful store management tools with flexibility of shelves, categories and products
  • Social Networking Integration including Login through social media
  • SEO and online marketing
  • Visitor, click and purchase reports
  • Strong management backplanes to enable shipping and tracking
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Product offerings based on location of the users, credentials and preferences
  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Multi-role based store administration
  • User reward programs, loyalty programs and sales
  • Promotional campaigns and newsletters
  • Referrals and affiliate management
  • Payment gateway services
  • Completely managed domain and hosting services


  • Madhulika Online
  • Hotel Poornima
  • King Car Rentals
  • Adbhut Jyotis