For Organisations

Technology is empowering organisations to function in more effective manner. Jagriti collaborates with organisations to take care of all the technology related needs enabling organisations to focus on their core work.

Enabling Effective Online Presence

The new age is that of the internet and organisations are making use of it in more ways than one can think. From bring the public face of organisations sharing event and news, web presence has a whole new meaning p especially when it comes to engaging and involving the community. From hardcore community based agendas like the social and political ones, to promotion of business and ideas - web plays a very important role in what people know, and more importantly what they do about it. Jagriti gives you strong web presence which enables you to leverage the best of the internet seamlessly. Be it social networking integration, online marketing, enhancing user engagement or the like, Jagriti builds portals which are lively, attractive and seamless.

We bring community engagement to your websites

  • Get Effective Online Presence
  • SEO and Online Marketing
  • Social Media

Productivity, Efficiency and Quality

As more and more organisation move from pure paper based reporting and management to the more powerful software tools to do their work. Jagriti expertises at analysing the workflows of your organisation and coming up with tailor made solutions that fit perfectly with your organisations Our tools enable effective capturing of data from the stakeholders and process them into the vital information, timely availability of which makes all the difference.As organisations strive to become a faster, better and more efficient we empower them with tools which usher in a new era of transparency, information and thereby quality of operations. Whatever is the daily workflow of your organisation, we convert them into automated software solutions. Some generic tools include:

We bring to you the benefit of the numerous technological advancements through seamless and single window access based portals

  • Employee/Associate Management tools including attendance, payroll, leave and other HR functions
  • Engagement and Information Sharing Tools including forums, news boards, event signups, shared calendars, surveys, polls, forms, sms alerts etc.
  • Productivity Management tools including support desks, task management systems etc.
  • Effective Reports including customer generated alerts, email/sms notifications, periodic summaries etc
  • Private Messengers, Customer Relationship Management, Newsletters etc.

IT Backplane Management

If domain names, web-space, backups, servers, mail servers, Google Apps and all other IT tools are becoming a nightmare to manage, make use of our services to take care of it all. We undertake end to end IT backplane management. We have experts who have years of experience in taking care of all the IT needs available round the clock.

You can sleep in peace with the assurance that your network will keep doing it's job the best possible way.

  • Domain and Hosting Services and Management (Shared/Dedicated)
  • Server Administration and Management - Upgrades, General Administration
  • Security Management
  • Backups and Migrations
  • Mailserver Management
  • Performance Optimisation and Monitoring